Editors’ Comments

“I can honestly say I look forward to assigning Tom Keer work. Not only is it always on time and well written, it’s always full of valuable fish finding and catching techniques. His how-to pieces make you feel as though someone is revealing top secret information.”
-John Frazier, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

“Tom has been a fantastic addition to the TakeMeFishing.org blog team. He’s knowledgeable in fishing and boating technique and culture, and always brings interesting and engaging ideas to the table. Tom is enthusiastic about his work and he’s very easy to work with, whether writing on assigned topics or coming up with his own.”
-Stephanie Vatalaro, Take Me Fishing

“Tom is a real pro. He’s always full of fresh ideas, and he’ll do anything it takes to nail the story.”
-Anthony Licata, Editor-in-Chief, Field & Stream

“Tom Keer is an insightful thinker who goes beyond the expected story to the story our readers really want to read. Thorough and timely, Tom always comes through with the assignment. Always.”
-Joe Healy, Former Associate Publisher, Fly ROd & Reel

“Tom is a treasure among freelance writers in our field, not just in his professionalism but in his excellence as a writer. He is superbly knowledgable about his subject matter and always tells his story in astyle that will engage his reader while illuminating meaning. His sense of humor, creative voice and generous spirit set him above the industry standard when it comes to outdoor writers. Beyond fulfilling his assignments, Tom’s genuine interest in the publications he writes for is unique.”
-Nancy Anisfield, Former Senior Editor, The Upland Almanac

“One of the things about Tom’s work is his ability to communicate his expertise in an engaging and interesting way. His knowledge of upland hunting and bird dogs resonates with our readers. He works hard, meets deadlines and is open to suggestions and revisions. He’s dedicated to his craft, and it’s a true pleasure to work with him.”
-Anna Stubna, Editor, Ruffed Grouse Society

“Tom Keer is the brightest new light in saltwater writing. He is especially knowledgeable on the best saltwater gear and how to use it.”
-John Randolph, Publisher Emeritus, Fly Fisherman

“Tom Keer is a consistently authoritative contributor to Saltwater Fly Fishing whose passion for the sport is evident in every story. Whether he is tapping into his vast store of on-the-water experience to help readers navigate the Striper Coast, penning the personal essay, or explaining essential how-to techniques for pursuing the Northeast’s most sought-after game fishes–including striped bass, false albacore, and tuna–Keer has a broad range. Every editor needs a roster of such reliable writers.”
-Steve Walburn, Editor, Saltwater Fly Fishing

“It goes without saying that Tom Keer’s work is well-written and carefully researched, but my favorite thing about working with Tom is that he’s always willing to tweak, revise, or refocus a story to suit my needs and those of my audience. There’s no ego trip, no whining, and no foot-dragging. He seems just as committed as I am to getting it right.”
-Phil Monahan, Former Editor, American Angler

Readers’ Comments

“Tom has the ability to clearly convey his knowledge into a precise and easily understood writing style. This coupled with his witty humor makes him one of our favorite writers.”
-Barry and Cathy Beck, Authors & Photographers, www.barryandcathybeck.com

“Tom Keer is obsessed with three things: fly fishing, wingshooting, and the English language. It’s a combination that produces engaging and passionate words about engaging and passionate sports.”
-Jim McLennan, Author & Speaker, www.mclennanflyfishing.com

“I’ve enjoyed a number of Tom Keer’s articles and just yesterday signed up for a subscription to The Upland Almanac. My girlfriend and I have a 16-month-old Cesky Fousek, who is becoming quite the bird dog. I know we’ll “all” enjoy the Almanac immensely!”
-Tony Ferragamo, Reader’s Comment to Editor in The Upland Almanac

“”As a brand-new subscriber and a recent convert to fly fishing, and having just relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina, the August-September issue was a double bonus. I read Capt. Set Vernon’s article on fishing the Cape Fear region and, having met him and fished with him, I found him to be an excellent guide and instructor. Tom Keer’s piece on “Fish Shacks” (if they can be called that) made me homesick. Having lived on Cape Cod for 35 years I know full well the fishing opportunities that abound. Seeing the angler’s stripping basket on the lead photo and the attached sticker left no doubt that he was a Cape Codder. Thank you for a great publication.”
-Excerpt from Saltwater Fly Fishing “Backcasts”, Michael O’Malley, Wilmington, NC

Comments about Tom’s Book, Fly Fisher’s Guide to the New England Coast

“Excellent book (Fly Fishers Guide to the New England Coast) written by a friend of mine. Few people know the coast of New England as well as Tom Keer. Experienced anglers will learn something new and those new to the sport and the New England coast will tap into Tom’s years of fly fishing experience.  Tom’s intimate knowledge of this area’s fishery will shorten the learning curve for both seasoned and novice anglers alike.”
-Captain Curt Jessup, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

“Wilderness Adventures Press Inc. has published dozens of must-have books for the fly-angler’s library. Titles include everything from Flyfisher’s Guide to Alaska to Flyfisher’s Guide to Wyoming – and seemingly everything in between. For its latest, Flyfisher’s Guide to the New England Coast, Wilderness Adventures called on celebrated fly-angler Tom Keer.

In this guide, Keer doesn’t leave anything in question, covering what anglers need to know to successfully fish the coasts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. The book is filled with technical information on how to catch popular species like stripers, bluefish, weakfish, false albacore, bluefin tuna and more. He also goes in depth on fishing specific parts of the region and gives information valuable to visiting anglers. This is certainly a can’t-miss for anyone with an interest in fishing Northeastern waters.”
-Book Review from Fly Fishing in Saltwaters

“This book is fantastic. It provides specific tips and locations throughout New England so that both beginning and advanced anglers can maximize their chances at landing salt water species. It is truly comprehensive. Maps are included that are particularly helpful and easy to read. Mr. Keer’s writing style is engaging and educational. You get the feeling that he really wants YOU to catch more fish. He avoids “the attitude” displayed by so many fly-fisherman and presents information that is helpful to all skill ranges. If you want to fish New England saltwater for the first time, learn more tactics, or learn about specific locations in New England look no further. This is your book.”
-Cabe Loring, South Carolina

“Tom Keer has written the perfect guide to finding great fishing on New England’s coast. This book will be under my arm this year as I travel the coast and chase some fish. Informative and fun — it’s a must-have book for fly and light-tackle fishers.”
-Beaver Shriver, Pennsylvania